CATAPA on stage with Manu Chao

On Saturday evening CATAPA shared the stage with Manu Chao at Manifiesta. Read more. 

CATAPA @ Ende Gelände

CATAPA joined Ende Gelände. Check out the statement.

Generation Transition

The extraction of metals, minerals, oil and gas touches upon almost all of the major themes of the North-South problem, such as pollution, climate change, water scarcity, deforestation, conflicts, corruption, labour conditions, international (enforced) law, deregulation, debt burden and democratisation. 

No a la mina, Si a la vida!
Stop coal. Protect the climate.
Challenged by resources

Action plan includes the monitoring of water quality and human health

Third and final blog in the series 'Camping in the heart of Skouries'

This weekend at Manifiesta CATAPA shared the stage with Manu Chao